Allergy & Dermatology Testing

Allergies and other dermatological issues can wreak havoc on your pet’s health and comfort. The clinical team at Three Trails Animal Hospital is dedicated to treating conditions affecting the coat, skin, feet, ears, and eyes. Without treatment, it is common that dermatological conditions can make your pet irritated, uncomfortable, and unhappy. Unfortunately, many dermatological and allergy conditions require commitment to long term treatment. That’s why we advocate on having a communicative relationship with your veterinarian about any skin conditions your pet may experience.

We understand suffering pets need relief fast. The first step to making a diagnosis is to perform a physical examination. Next, we may recommend a biopsy, allergy tests, blood tests, or a combination of tests. Our in-house laboratory helps us provide pet owners with fast results to begin treatment as soon as possible.

If you believe your pet is experiencing a skin condition, look for several signs that may indicate it is time to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian:

  • Excessive itching or scratching
  • Scabbing, red or flaky skin
  • Biting the skin
  • Excessive licking the skin
  • Hot Spots (areas of skin that are warmer than other areas compared to the rest of the body)
  • Increased vocalization
  • Unusual irritability or aggression
  • Seeking more human attention than normal
  • Hiding from human attention

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