Grooming not only keeps pets looking their best, it also has major advantages to pets’ overall wellbeing and health. At Three Trails Animal Hospital, we are happy to provide top-notch grooming services for your pet. 
Some grooming benefits include: 
  • Preventing fleas and ticks with regular brushing  
  • Providing comfort to pets with burrs or matts in their coats 
  • Minimizing shedding, helping to keep floors and house clean 
  • Maintaining healthy skin and coat allowing pet to look and smell great 
  • Trouble-free nail clipping

Our highly-trained groomer is caring and very knowledgeable about breed standards and appropriate cuts. We are happy to accommodate client’s special requests and appropriate advice about how to keep pets feeling comfortable during the grooming experience. At Three Trails Animal Hospital, we also cater to cat grooming as well! We offer a safe and comfortable mild sedation for pets who do not enjoy the bathing experience.  

If you are interested in bringing your pet in for grooming, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment with us at (816) 252-5105. Remember, we do require the bordetella vaccination for all of our grooming clients. 

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