Nutrition & Weight Management

Pet owners have total control over their pet’s diet, which can make a big difference in your dog or cat’s overall health, quality of life, and longevity. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are key factors in keeping your pet thriving.

Feeding your pet a nutritionally-dense diet or prescription food, in proper portions, can target both individual dietary requirements and health concerns. Several health conditions that may need a specific diet include obesity, allergies, thyroid conditions, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer.

At Three Trails Animal Hospital, our nutrition services include:

  • Everyday health and wellness advice
  • Guidelines about portion control, types of food, and feeding schedules
  • Solutions and advice for pets living with allergies
  • Weight-loss advice

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a growing concern; so much so that about 35% of all pets are considered to have a weight problem. The solution is proper diet and exercise.

Several health issues that result from a pet being overweight or obese include arthritis, joint pain, diabetes, heart disease, mobility issues, skin issues, and high blood pressure.

A long life expectancy and great quality of life is something you undoubtedly want for your furry friend. If you are a pet owner faced with these issues, Three Trails Animal Hospital is here to help get your pet back on a healthy path.

A few tips for getting your pet fit:

  • Avoid “free feeding,” which means leaving pet food out for whenever your pet wants to eat it. Follow the recommended daily feeding guide on the back of your pet’s food package to stay on a routine feeding schedule.
  • Based on your pet’s size, weight, and health concerns, we can recommend a clinically-approved pet food.
  • As tempting as it may be, do not share “table scraps” with your pet. Human food can be toxic to pets!
  • Visit us regularly so we can help track your pet’s progress and adjust goals.
  • Providing your pet with adequate exercise is one of the best ways for your pet to get fit! Choose activities that are appropriate for your pet’s health condition and be patient. Even if progress is gradual, its benefits to your pet’s health and quality of life are tremendous. You may aim to take your dog on more frequent or longer walks. Cats should enjoy at least 15-minutes of indoor play per day. Playtime is also a great time to bond with your pet while keeping them healthy. If you need any recommendations on exercise, we can help!

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