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Diagnostic Care

Is your pet injured or sick, or simply behaving in a way that suggests something is wrong? The only way to be sure of what’s happening with your best friend is to bring them in to our expert veterinarians at Three Trails Animal Hospital so that we can harness our experience, facilities, and equipment to make a diagnosis.

Digital Radiography

At Three Trails Animal Hospital, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology. Digital radiography is helpful in diagnosing conditions for routine and emergency situations by allowing our trained veterinarians to see the lungs, heart, musculoskeletal system and other major organs.

Common conditions diagnosed using digital radiology include tumors, bone fractures, structural abnormalities, foreign body ingestion, and more.

Digital radiology takes less time than traditional film x-rays, which means your pet is exposed to less radiation and does not have to be still for very long.

Additional benefits of using digital radiology include:

  • higher quality of images,
  • better accuracy,
  • convenience of sending photos to other specialists if necessary;
  • and the ease of storing images for future use.

These attributes of digital radiology allow our highly trained and experienced veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat our patients, while giving your pet the quality of care they deserve.

Cardiac & Abdominal Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce real-time videos and images of soft tissues and fluid-filled structures in the body, including internal organs and the abdominal region. This painless procedure allows veterinarians to identify health problems and potentially avoid the need for surgery.

Like digital radiology, the process of taking an ultrasound is safe and non-invasive. Common conditions that are diagnosed using ultrasound technology include pregnancy, abdominal issues, heart disease, foreign body ingestion, cancer, abdominal masses and intestinal disorders.

To confidently make an accurate diagnosis, we oftentimes use ultrasound imaging in combination with digital radiology.

In-House Laboratory

The in-house laboratory at Three Trails Animal Hospital is an added benefit we provide to our clients. By testing samples at our own facility, we are able to expedite the diagnostic process so you can receive results as soon as possible.

Depending on the test, your pet’s results can often be viewed on the same day. The results of these tests allow our experienced veterinarians to establish a baseline of health, track health trends, and prevent disease during each stage of your pet’s life.

Laboratory tests and blood work frequently performed at Three Trails include:

  • Complete Blood Count tests for inflammation, infection, and anemia; and measures blood clotting components.
  • Blood Chemistry Panel comprises of several different tests aimed to evaluate organ function such as the liver, kidney, and pancreas.
  • Electrolytes Testing monitors hydration levels, bone metabolism, and overall body health.
  • Thyroid Testing measures how the thyroid gland is functioning. It is important your pet’s thyroid functions properly, as the thyroid regulates energy and metabolism.
  • Urinalysis determines kidney function while providing insight into the presence of diabetes.
  • Fecal Tests check for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. This is a routine test using a stool sample from your pet. We recommend dropping off a fresh fecal sample once a year due to the high prevalence of parasites in pets.

Allergy & Dermatology Testing

Allergies, and other dermatological issues, can wreak havoc on your pet’s health and comfort. The clinical team at Three Trails Animal Hospital is dedicated to treating conditions affecting the coat, skin, feet, ears, and eyes. Without treatment, it is common for dermatological conditions to make your pet irritated, uncomfortable, and unhappy. Unfortunately, many dermatological and allergy conditions require commitment to long term treatment. That’s why we advocate on having a communicative relationship with your veterinarian about any skin conditions your pet may experience.

We understand suffering pets need relief fast. The first step to making a diagnosis is to perform a physical examination. Next, we may recommend a biopsy, allergy tests, blood tests, or a combination of tests. Our in-house laboratory helps us provide pet owners with fast results to begin treatment as soon as possible.

If you believe your pet is experiencing a skin condition, look for several signs that may indicate it is time to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian:

  • Excessive itching or scratching
  • Scabbing, red or flaky skin
  • Biting the skin
  • Excessive licking the skin
  • Hot Spots (areas of skin that are warmer than other areas compared to the rest of the body)
  • Increased vocalization
  • Unusual irritability or aggression
  • Seeking more human attention than normal
  • Hiding from human attention

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