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Health & Travel Certificates

Traveling with your pet? We recommend being prepared by providing appropriate paperwork if traveling over state and country borders, or acquiring travel certificates if pets are undergoing air travel.

Traveling With Your Pet?

At Three Trails Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are able to distribute the appropriate travel certificates for pets that are on the go.

It is important to provide certificates or legal documents as they can protect your pet’s health, safety of other travelers, and environment of which you are traveling. Our veterinarians will ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Pet is strong and healthy to fly without danger
  • Pet is free from disease or other illness
  • Pet has received the appropriate vaccinations needed for the travel destination

We suggest contacting your airline ahead of time to make sure you are prepared with the appropriate documentation, as many airlines require a travel certificate to be dated within 10 days of the flight.

We want to note that pets who ride with their owners in the main cabin experience less stress than pets who ride in steerage. If your pet meets size requirements, we suggest requesting your pet to fly with you. If your pet must fly in steerage, we suggest providing them with a crate large enough for movement and plenty of water. Also, avoid flying in extreme hot and cold temperatures to keep them comfortable and safe during the boarding and off-boarding process.

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